Just a little info on Meditation hope you try it.......




med·i·ta·tion [mèddi táysh'n ] (plural med·i·ta·tions) noun

1. emptying or concentration of the mind: the emptying of the mind of thoughts, or concentration of the mind on just one thing, in order to aid mental or spiritual development, contemplation, or relaxation

2. pondering of something: the act of thinking about something deeply and carefully, or an instance of such thinking

3. serious study of a topic: an extended and serious study of a particular topic

To me Meditation is a relaxing, peaceful, calm.

Its is a time set aside to learn about yourself. To truly soul search. Some things you find you may not like. Others you may not want to confront. But take the journey within your mind and soul.

Try it for a week or so and make up your mind if it is for you or not. It only takes 30 min. a day. I suggest the first thing in the morning. However you set the time that is good for you and try to do it the same time every day.


There are many different Methods and techniques that you can try.

However I feel that you can do it anyway you want, anywhere you want. Just follow your own instincts here. If you’re comfortable and happy with your surroundings then go for it.

I have put down some exercise you can try. IM not going to go into all of the different opinions on how to meditate. Only give you a couple of things to get you started. There is a vast amount of info in Meditation. From all points of view. You have to follow your own path.

First you need to relax your breathing. By this I mean to breathe slowly, deeply, and steady. One way to try to get the right rhythm is to count to 3 as you breathe in and to 2 when you exhale. But I suggest you only do it a few times. It is hard to meditate on anything else when your counting to your-self.

Now with your breathing relaxed, you can either visualize, ponder, or (the hard one) empty your mind and try to think of nothing at all.

I suggest you try them all. But that should be enough to get you started. I will leave the rest up to you.


As far as Music, Incense, bells, and bowl's. Well that also is up to you.



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